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Posted on: 24/02/2023

Without doubt, the inclusion of school trips adds and enhances students’ learning journey here at WGSG.  We strive to provide an all-round approach to the curriculum .. and beyond, providing a host of curriculum linked trips as well as enrichment and cultural activities – all offer memorable and valuable life experiences. 

Our Mandarin GCSE students enjoyed an enriching (and rather delicious!) trip to The British Museum and Chinatown.  Naya W of 11A wrote us this review “The school trip was a very educational experience where we got to understand and study different cultures in the British museum and furthermore in Chinatown. By interviewing people, in mandarin, as part of a mandarin vlog, we got to understand different people's perspective on Chinese festivals, food and Chinatown as a whole. The entire experience was made more enjoyable when eating at a traditional Chinese restaurant with many types of cuisines that we were able to order in mandarin, allowing us to extend our speaking skills.”


Mr Colledge, Head of Business Studies and Economics (pictured in the first photo) accompanied a group of our WG6 students on an enrichment trip to New York over half term.  The group enjoyed a huge range of cultural activities including taking in a Broadway Show, visiting Staten Island, a night-time trip to the top of the Empire State building and ice skating in Central Park.  The group also visited the heart of New York’s financial district .. a possible future career move for some of our students? As well as taking in a visit to the world’s largest shop – Macy’s.  As you can see from the photos Miss Spencer (WGSB teacher of Business Studies) and Miss Kemp (Deputy Head of WG6) took advantage of the opportunity!  An action-packed, rewarding and truly unforgettable trip.  


Mr Colledge’s A Level Economists are currently deepening their knowledge of the factors that influence a country’s local economic growth.   There is no single theoretical model which accounts for all economic development, but factors can be identified that are likely to influential specific countries and regions.  In this lesson students researched economic growth drivers in Sub-Saharan Africa.


A Level Philosophy and Ethics keeps the students very much on their toes with challenging questions about who we are and how we deal with the abstract questions of Life. In the lesson this week the students and I have been busy debating the difference between bad and evil, and if the idea of being bad is really a way to make us feel better when we are not being good as we don’t like being seen as ‘Evil’.  Our Ladder of Evil task definitely made us think about the difference between the 2. The students really challenged each other as to what acts where more ‘Evil’ than others and we all came to the conclusion that it is not as simple as just being about intention!  We left with more questions than we started but determined to work out, What the problem of Evil really is!


G4Introducing our new Head of Design Technology, Miss Armstrong.  Miss Armstrong previously enjoyed a successful career within Design before moving into teaching.  “I thoroughly enjoyed working in the Design industry and am passionate about sharing that knowledge and understanding of the sector to encourage students to consider STEM subject careers”. “There are a huge and diverse range of jobs that use Design and Technology skills and qualifications, BBC Bitesize is a great resource of job profiles to explore” Jobs that use Design and Technology - BBC Bitesize

In the lesson pictured below Year 7 students are working on their keyring project.  Using traditional manufacturing methods students are cutting timber to make a mould that will be used to pewter cast a keyring they have designed. 


G7Miss Armelino joins us as Teacher of Design & Technology having gained a wealth of experience working in, and leading, DT Departments in schools in the local area and across the south east.  “I am enjoying working with our Food Preparation and Nutrition students and in particular, teaching the science behind nutrition.  Their enthusiasm for the subject is evident, and they clearly value the life-skills that can support independence and lead to a rewarding career pathway”

Miss Armelino’s Year 7 Textiles students are currently working on a topic to first design, then make a ‘worry monster’ of their own creation.  Students are learning about practical design, fabric and sewing skills whilst also using their creativity and imagination!  Miss Armelino has previously worked as a fashion designer and is keen to see how the students interpret the brief and to see their finished designs.


Our Year 9 Food Preparation and Nutrition students have been exploring the properties of yeast and its role in food manufacture – specifically, in bread making.  The carbon dioxide produced by the yeast during respiration is trapped in the dough, causing it to rise.  In this practical lesson students made focaccia bread, seeing for themselves how the incorporation of yeast in the recipe impacts the texture and ‘rise’ of the bread.  Below a selection of the delicious and beautifully designed focaccias.

G10   CopyG10   Copy (2)

Year 10 sat the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge before half term which consisted of 25 multiple choice questions of varying difficulty for the students to attempt. Points are awarded for correct answers while some of the trickier problems deducted points for incorrect answers. Overall, 47 students gained certificates with 2 students, Olivia-May W and Riana D gaining Gold certificates. Riana has progressed through to an additional round called the Pink Kangaroo and will be sitting a further challenge paper later in the school year.

An example of the questions style they faced are here with the answers below:


Congratulations to all students who qualified for UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Certificates, all pictured below with a rather proud Head of Year 10, Mr Preston.


We would like to thank you all for your generosity in donating, sponsoring and buying so many wonderful new books and resources for our students.  We are all looking forward to getting into our new library space and unpacking and sharing all the amazing new titles on offer!  Mrs Smith our Librarian together with our Student Librarians are working on new events and activities that we can look forward to .. including a student grand opening event!

Particular thanks go to our PFA for their and continuing support and donations!


Please join me in congratulating Darcy B and Amelie W of Year 8 who have successfully auditioned and been offered places on the Performers College Associates Elite Programme. In addition to their intensive training at Knights Academy of Dance they will now train at Performers College, Essex once a month being taught by college faculty and industry professionals.  We look forward to hearing more about your future achievements!


Dates for your diary everyone!!  Our PFA are planning two new events – details as per the posters.  Come along, take part .. have fun – and support our students!


Forthcoming Dates;

Year 10 Mock Examinations - Monday 27th February – Friday March 10th

Industrial Strike Action – Thursday 2nd March.  Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11 WILL ATTEND SCHOOL for full details for each Year group please click here

Y10 & 11 Drams GCSE Trip – Wednesday 8th March

Y10 Canterbury Cathedral Trip - Monday 13th March

PFA Pamper & Shopping Evening - Friday 17th March for more details and to book click here

PFA Quiz Night Friday 21st Aprilfor more details and to book your table click here

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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