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Posted on: 21/07/2023

Michelle profileWhat an end to a magnificent year at WGSG, I have never seen so many smiles and so much positive energy flying round the school, and that was just the teachers!  The Enrichment week demonstrated all that is important about learning and developing with a huge range of new opportunities and being challenged outside of our comfort zones.  Students worked in House groups and with people they don’t usually work with, they undertook challenges and were challenged to think about themselves and who they want to become. They engaged on every level and I had the joy of judging competitions and challenges all week, the students certainly made that a challenge!  We have had a really busy and successful year at WGSG and I would like to thank all of you, our readers, for all that you do to support the school, whether that is as a parent, carer, grandparent, ex-student or just friend of the school.  We are grateful for the time you give and the support for our community.  I know you will enjoy reading about the Enrichment week and I look forward to our September update. 

Enrichment week.  Across the school, students from every year group came off their normal timetable to take part in a range of alternative learning experiences and activities outside of their usual lessons.The week aims to enrich the school curriculum and give students the chance to try new things or improve their skills and knowledge in different areas. The activities are a mix of in-school, residential trips or day trips dependent upon year group. 

.. and what a week it was!  The sheer breadth of exciting, innovative and nourishing (some quite literally) sessions was awe-inspiring!  Staff and students pulled out all the stops to deliver new approaches to learning, enjoying and sharing knowledge – a small selection of the activities are featured in my Blog – thank you to everyone for such a wonderful week of discovery and life-affirming moments! – a perfect end to the academic year.

Year 10 Language & Culture WeekThe MFL department were proud to present our first ever Language & Culture Week which included a host of in-school activities as well as trips to Paris and Valenica.

We held out first ever “Wilmovision Song Contest” in which all classes learned and performed a song in French, Spanish or Mandarin. Congratulations to 10Sn/1, Mr Dufton’s class who were the overall winners! A great time was had by all, including the judges Mrs Lawson, Mr Fuller, Mr Preston and Mrs Dent.

Students became “conlangers”, creating their own languages complete with grammar rules, alphabet and pronunciation rules and teaching it to other members of the class. They put their linguistic skills to the test, decoding unknown languages in the Linguistics Olympiad.



Some students cooked and tasted recipes such as stir-fried noodles, bubble tea, ratatouille, crêpes and chilli con carne.  Students heard all about languages at Higher Education with a lecture from the University of Leicester and former students sharing their experiences in MFL degrees and their year abroad.

Year 10 students enjoyed language taster classes with a range of fun language workshops taken by staff, and students, in their home language including Bosnian, taking by Business Studies teacher Mr Ramic, Italian gesticulations and language with Miss DiLauro, Teacher of French and Spanish, Portuguese food and language with Miss Rosa and Hindi language and games with Year 10 student Farha S leading the class brilliantly!


Year 10 MEP students together with schools of Beths, Mayfield, Homerood and Essex visited the University of Kent as one of the activities of the MEP tourism project.  Huge congratulations to WGSG students Methindee, Maame, Gracie and Keziah whose video for the MEP tourism project was voted as the WINNER among a dozen of videos!  It's worth mentioning that all the videos made by our students are outstanding! Well done!


The Year 10 students and staff were buzzing with excitement throughout the Language and Culture Week and it has been such a joy to hear comments like “Please can we carry on creating our language after break-time?”, “I just want to go home and work on this some more!”, “I feel like my French really clicked whilst in Paris and I am starting to think in French now!”.

Year 9 MEP students attended an MEP intensive study programme.  Students were able to speak with their pen pal in Shanghai as well as have a taster session in the martial art of Tai Ji which is practiced for self-defence and health. Students also tried their hand at Chinese calligraphy and mask painting.  The programme was great fun!


Year 8 students travelled to Bewl Water for an invigorating day out of the classroom and on the water (or in some cases, in it!)  Students were challenged to build and sail their own rafts.  It was a great challenge, with students displaying teamwork, resilience .. and swimming skills!


Summer Music Showcase. Student musicians and vocalists came together to showcase their incredible musical talents in a show that included orchestral pieces, numbers from our GLEE choir, bands, ‘Vocalize’ singing group and a SAMBA band.  Student musicians staged a fantastic show to an enthusiastic audience, allowing our community to come together to celebrate the Arts. We were joined by our Art department who displayed student paintings, drawings and sculpture from a mix of year groups, adding a wonderful additional creative element to the evening. 

Mrs Dent commented “I have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing the groups and with the help of Mr Fabricatore, Mrs Wright and Mr Hattee the department can offer more variety of extra-curricular for our students. I am very excited for what next year brings! A huge well done from me everyone and have a lovely summer break.”


Congratulations to all student athletes who took part in the recent Kent Districts.  Every student collected points on the day for the team and everyone gave it their all! We even had some PB scores beaten!  Wilmington came 1st overall across all year groups (out of 15 competing schools) and we are so proud of the whole team. Well done on your amazing achievement.

Year 7 the team came 2nd overall.

1st in 200m and High jump

2nd in 800m and 1500m

3rd in 100m and the relay

5th Long jump

8th shot

Year 8 the team came 2nd overall

1st 100m, long jump and relay

2nd Shot and javelin

3rd 800m and 1500m

5th 100m and javelin

6th long jump, 1500m and relay

12th 200m

Year 9 the team came 1st overall

1st 100m, long jump and relay

2nd Shot and javelin

3rd 800m and 1500m.

4th 200m

Year 10 the team came 4th overall

1st High jump

2nd relay

4th long jump

5th Javelin and 300m

6th 1500m

7th shot

8th 200m

11th 100m

14th 800m


Year 8 travelled to the Historic Chatham Dockyard for a guided tour – and there was a lot to see!  We went aboard a warship and climbed down into a submarine, both included live demonstrations and plenty of interactive elements.   A very enjoyable day had by all .. we even got to visit the exhibition ‘Monsters of the Deep’.


Year 7 students visited Mountfitchet Castle and Norman village and met numerous of the animal inhabitants!  The castle site offered lots of scope for exploration and opportunities to get a real feel for life in a medieval castle.  As you can see form the photos .. it was a hugely enjoyable day out of the classroom! 


Careers Update.  WG6 Year 12 students have also been out on work experience undertaking a two-week placement to support their further pathway decisions highlights are:

  • 2 students going to the Houses of Parliament
  • 2 students attending university summer schools with Imperial College London (biomed) and York university (medicine) 
  • Groups of students going to local companies who we are building a strong relationship with  
  • Students on placement with 2 employers who came and spoke at our Careers Day.
  • 23 students in construction / architecture companies
  • 30 in finance and business companies
  • 15 in hospitals / NHS
  • 6 in law firms or with barristers

We would like to thank all employers who supported our work experience careers programme.

Additionally, Year 8 students attended a Careers seminar 'I Can Be’ Dreams, visions and imaginations are the foundation to self-actualisation (becoming the best version of ourselves) delivered by alumna Gbenga Ajewole (Gee)

Gee joined the school again on Friday 14th July 2023, to work with Year 9 students delivering a session entitled 'Nothing is impossible'  Giving students tools, strategies and confidence to break down barriers to learning and build emotional resilience - encouraging them to maximise their potential.

In the afternoon. We were joined by other alumni students (pictured below) who shared their careers journey so far. The alumni also delivered a careers related quiz and kindly gave out prizes.


A number of our Year 12 students undertook their work experience in Wilmington Primary School, part of Endeavour MAT.  The students have been working with each year group teacher to support the lessons and provide one-to-one sessions where needed.  Our primary pupils really enjoyed having them in class and they made a positive impact on lessons.  In the below images the students were supporting Year 1 with mask making and Year 3 with ‘Golden Time’ activities.


Year 9 App Project.  Our Year 9s have been flexing their entrepreneurial instincts and computer science acumen.  Mr Green challenged students to design, research and put together a business plan for a new launch App.  Staff acted as the ‘Dragons’, hearing the pitch for the App and deciding whether to invest in the Wilmo currency.  Staff could invest up to 10,000 Wilmos either on a single App or across a selection, the team with the highest investment pledge win! 

Chloe T of 7W has been demonstrating her entrepreneurial talents and has set up a small business selling her hand made crocheted items!  Chloe took a stall at Maypole Primary School summer fayre and sold out in just two hours, as well as taking bookings for private commissions.  Very impressive Chloe!


Our champion gymnasts have been in action recently!  Phoebe S of 8R won a GOLD medal at an international competition in Malta.  Phoebe added, “the competition was called ‘Gymstars international’, and my club is called ASG Gymnastics Club. I got awarded a gold medal in the vault category 13-15 years”.  Brilliant news, congratulations from us all!



It was also a stunning weekend for Year 12 gymnast Thais who scooped three gold medals and the British Championship Trophy as part of the iSTAR Academy team.  Bravo Thais, this is an incredible achievement!


Two of our student musicians, Manroop in Year 7 and Rianne in Year 10 were selected to be part of the Kent Youth Wind Orchestra for a residential workshop with four days rehearsals and specialist tuition followed by a stunning concert.  Both musicians performed five pieces each … all beautifully accomplished!  This was a valuable opportunity to work with renowned musicians and conductors and be part of a professional performance in a highly respected venue.  We look forward to hearing of future concerts and achievements!  Well done to you both.


Forthcoming dates;

First day of term – NEW Year 7 & 12 Monday 4th September, ALL OTHER YEARS Tuesday 5th September

Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable summer break,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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