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Posted on: 08/07/2022

This week we had our first whole school Sports Day since 2019 .. and we certainly made the most of it!  The weather was perfect, our competitors were on top form, the teaching staff every bit as excited as the students and to cap it off, the ice-cream van was in residence!   As the photos show, the day was a wonderful event demonstrating the very best of our athletes’ skill and the encouraging and celebratory nature of our whole school community. 


Thank you to our PTA who ran a stall offering refreshments and treats


GCSE PE students who supported the PE Deprtmant in running the event – thank you ladies!


Y10 Geographers visited the coast at Tankerton, near Whitstable. They were practicing fieldwork skills for physical geography. One investigation was to measure the height of the beach either side of the wooden groynes to see which direction sediment is moving along the coast. For many students it was their first fieldtrip and we enjoyed lovely weather by the seaside!


Y10 MEP students took part in a four-day intensive study trip. During the trip, they made posters in Mandarin to advertise a place in the UK. They also made a tourist video to promote the destination, also in Mandarin. Students spoke and wrote in Mandarin about a holiday experience, an itinerary and a promotion of a place by using authentic languages as well as slang!

Students then visited the University of Kent, Canterbury campus where they took part in workshops and got chance to demonstrate their amazing work in front of three other schools! I have to say our students’ work was definitely the best! They put a lot of effort into it and were very creative. Well done!


Year 12 Forensics students have been learning about the techniques for collecting, packaging and storing evidence from a crime scene.  They have used their skills to collect different types of evidence, including fingerprints, hair, blood and footprints from a simulated murder scene as part of their coursework.  All students had to work effectively as a group to collect and preserve the evidence in order to find out ‘who done it’!B27

Once the evidence had been collected, students were then tasked with analysing it to try and prove who was the murderer.  They have learnt forensics techniques in blood analysis, casting footprints, hair analysis and fingerprint comparison.  As part of the learning, we chose to use the blood analysis kits to test our own blood to find out our blood type.


Year 12 Induction Day.  Our WG6 team, together with our Student Leaders led a day of taster sessions and introduction to student life at WG6 for all students joining us in September.  Students worked with a range of WG6 teachers getting to know departments and aquainting themselves with our unique WG6 Electives Programme and careers & employability Futures Programme.  Thank you to all Student Leaders who supported our new Year 12s during the day and special thanks to Sydney, Jordan, Lily and Will who provided in-class support as well as delivering welcome talks and being on hand to answer any questions.


Congratulations to Ruvè S of 7A who was a finalist representing WGSG, in the Kent Schools Platinum Jubilee Cake Competition on the 1st July. The final was hosted at Kent County Hall in Maidstone and was judged by the Mayor, the Queen's Lieutenant for Kent and the PM for Education. 

We are very proud to say that Ruvè got 3rd prize for KS3 for her design. I have included some photos of the happy occasion.


PTA Update - Year 11 Prom was an amazing night. The girls enjoyed it thoroughly. It was wonderful seeing all their smiling faces and the lovely dresses. It was certainly worth all the hard work.  We would like to thank Mrs Dawson and Mr Marchant and other staff who helped out, as well as all the parents and students who helped us put together everything, cook the food and dress the room.  


Forthcoming Events;

Year 7 Open Afternoon – 11 July

Work Experience Y12 – commences 11 July

Enrichment week.  A range of diverse and stimulating activities for Year 7-10 including a Y8 drama festival, a Y8 outward bound trip, a Y7 zoo visit, a Y9 Chessington Trip and a Y10 visit to Sussex University.

Last Day of Term 12noon Wednesday 20 July

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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